Rotten Timbers, Roof Degradation


 Spray foam insulation has been a popular choice for decades. Many properties had the foam installed only to find it created problems further down the line.

If your property’s roof insulation consists of spray foam, you may be facing several issues all of which are not good. Firstly, your property may have lost its ability to ‘breathe’. The reason being that spray foam insulation creates an airtight environment so good that the moisture and condensation build up turns into a real problem.
Moisture and condensation together with warmth creates the perfect environment for mould to thrive in. One solution is to buy and an install an expensive HRV unit. Another is to contact a specialist spray foam insulation removal company and have the foam expertly removed.


Dampness Caused By Spray Foam Insulation

Condensation and dampness caused by spray foam insulation can result in rotting roof timbers. This includes battens and purlins all of which can weaken your roof’s integrity. A roof replacement may be necessary to meet a lenders requirements if you want to sell. The work would involve removing all rotten roof timbers, felt and roof tiles. All in all, an extremely expensive and unavoidable task to get you property sold.


Roof Degradation Caused By Spray Foam Insulation

If the roof timbers of your property are extremely wet due to spray foam insulation, its degradation is of real concern. It can happen when either open or closed cell spray foam is installed. Although many companies claim that spray foam is breathable, it does not allow a roof to ‘breathe’ as is often claimed.
A buyer will walk away from a deal when they find there are major issues with a property’s roof due to spray foam insulation having been installed. In short, it could lose you the sale..


Water Damage Caused By Spray Foam Insulation

Not only can roof timbers start to rot, but if cavities are missed when the spray foam insulation is installed, the risk of water damage in a property increases substantially. Not only can this cause damage to a roof’s structure, but to walls as well. The damage often goes unnoticed until it becomes a real issue, and an expensive one at that. You could find the damage caused by the spray foam insulation is not covered by your insurance.


Downsides Caused By Spray Foam Insulation and an Airtight Home

You may think that having an ‘airtight’ home is the perfect solution. The reality is quite different because there are lots of disadvantages. If your property lacks good ventilation because it has spray foam insulation, air quality in a home can be seriously impacted. This can result in people developing health issues which includes allergies.


The Solution to Problems Caused by Spray Foam Insulation

Without going the whole hog and having a total roof replacement, you best option is to contact a reputable spray foam insulation removal company. You may have read somewhere that spray foam is permanent. However, there is a lot of misleading information out there regarding spray foam insulation removal. A specialist company will assess the condition of your roof and timbers before offering expert advice on how best to solve your spray foam insulation problems.

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