Moisture, Condensation, & Health Issues

In recent years many companies have popped up all over the UK claiming to be experts with spray foam insulation.
However, it is important to remember that there is still a lot of misrepresentation regarding this.

Many mortgage lenders will now consider a property with spray foam insulation a liability, irrespective of the type of foam used. With spray foam insulation, either closed cell or open cell could be used. A lender may still refuse mortgage applications on properties which have this type of insulation.

Owners are now finding that their properties are worth less than they thought, or have difficulty finding a buyer when selling their property.

In order to solve this problem a mortgage lender could require an entire new roof refit.
Alternatively, you can contact a reputable spray foam removal company to deal with the problem.


The Problems Spray Foam Insulation Can Cause

There are many problems linked to spray foam insulation which include:

  • The buildup of moisture, causing mould and mildew. This is usually caused by a lack of adhesion when the spray foam is installed
  • Gaps in the coverage can reduce efficiency
  • Incorrect thickness of spray foam is applied
  • Odours due to the mixing of chemicals


Off-gassing Issues

Spray foam insulation breathing issues as well as having other effects on a person’s wellbeing.
This is primarily caused by off-gassing. This is when chemicals are released into the air.
Some spray foam installers may not explain just how toxic some of these fumes can be.

It could lead to the following health issues if exposure is prolonged:

  • Headaches
  • Certain forms of cancer
  • Respiratory disorders
  • Hormone disruption


In short, spray foam applications create harmful isocyanate vapours which can lead to sensitisation. You may suffer an allergic reaction such as:

  • Watery eyes
  • Itching
  • Skin rashes


If your home already has spray foam insulation, you may want to consider finding a solution to the problem. You may be wise to get in touch with experts in spray foam insulation removal.


Re-mortgaging, Selling a Property, Buying a Property: Spray Foam Insulation Issues

If you are thinking about buying a property with spray foam insulation, you would be wise to check with your lender first. You should check they are willing to lend you money before going forward with an loan application.

When it comes to re-mortgaging a property, you could find lenders are not willing to consider your application unless you deal with the problem of having spray foam insulation. Lenders may insist on you having a new roof installed which could prove extremely costly.
Should you own a property with spray foam insulation, it could be worth contacting a reputable spray foam removal company. This should be done before putting the property on the market to avoid any issues with the sale.

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